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Musical Montage: Footloose

August 11, 2014

Great warrior Kevin Bacon manages to bring back dance to an oppressed town with a little help from Kenny Loggins, Bonnie Tyler, Moving Pictures and more in Footloose.

Musical Montage: Hot Rod

May 13, 2013

The underrated gem of a comedy, Hot Rod, featured a soundtrack as ridiculous as the stunts Rod Kimble performs, including almost the entirety of Europe’s The Final Countdown album.

Battle at the Box Office 10/31

October 31, 2011

People were more interested in cute cats than the usual scares at the box office this Halloween weekend as Puss in Boots handily beat Paranormal Activity 3, although nothing really blew away the box office.

Admit One 10/14

October 14, 2011

Two movies based on classic 80’s movies join a comedy about bird watching at the box office this weekend.