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Horror Villain of the Week: Dr. Jack Griffin

October 27, 2021

While working for Dr. Cranley to try and develop a new method of food preservation, Dr. Jack Griffin discovers a formula to render a person invisible and tests it on himself. Realizing he doesn’t know how to reverse the process, he goes into isolation to try and find a solution but slowly goes mad from the side effects of the chemicals he used.

Horror Villain of the Week: Blade

October 20, 2021

Created by puppeteer AndrĂ© Toulon, Blade is one of the leaders of the Marionette Warriors, puppets imbued with life by the Puppet Master. Depending on the intentions of the Puppet Master, Blade and the other warriors can act for good or evil as they’ve both fought and defeated a Nazi threat and slaughtered innocent people based on who is controlling them.

Horror Villain of the Week: Gabriel May

October 13, 2021

A parasitic twin of Madison Mitchell aka Emily May, Gabriel is able to take control of his sister’s body and goes on a killing spree across Seattle to get revenge on the doctors that operated on them as children and removed most of Gabriel’s body, shoving what couldn’t be removed into Madison’s skull.

Horror Villain of the Week: Annabelle

October 6, 2021

Kicking off our annual shift to spotlight horror villains all October long, Annabelle is an evil doll possessed by the demonic entity known as Malthus, who seeks to possess and take over human souls until stopped and contained (for now) by Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Horror Villain of the Week: Angela/Peter Baker

October 28, 2020

The survivor of a tragic accident involving his father and sister, Peter Baker is forced by his aunt to adopt the identity of his dead sister and live as Angela Baker. Years later, “Angela” goes to summer camp and snaps, going on a killing spree and murdering people that are mean and/or “naughty”.

Horror Villain of the Week: The Djinn

October 23, 2019

A member of ancient, evil race that possesses seemingly unlimited magical powers, The Djinn seeks to force the person that frees it to make three wishes, which will allow the Djinn to enter the mortal realm and conquer Earth.