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For ISIS Eyes Only: Baby Shower


Last season Archer brought in one of their favorite people to reference, Burt Reynolds, in a guest star role and on the most recent episode, they brought in their other favorite reference, Kenny Loggins, who was wonderfully game to play a completely psychotic version of himself.

The recording of Cherlene’s “Outlaw Country” album is going fairly well despite Dr. Kreiger not recording any songs and the band, which now has Woodhouse on drums, Pam on steel guitar and Archer on jug, recording at 5 AM to get the benefit of “magic hour” even though that is more beneficial to film than music.  Lana is getting increasingly upset and, when everyone wonders why, Ray berates everyone for not giving her a baby shower.  Archer takes it upon himself to plan the shower while Cherlene goes back to rehearse and Ray and Cyril are recruited to help Kreiger ship cocaine that he’s been selling online for a bitcoin like currency that Kreiger call “Kreigerands”.

Archer gives Woodhouse money to buy everything they need for the show while he and Pam go and get the most important part of the party, Kenny Loggins, who is playing at Madison Square Garden.  Their first approach ends with Kenny signing Archer’s suit and then Archer get tased by Kenny’s giant body guard, Ricky.

Utilizing his rusty spy skills, Archer and Pam disguise themselves as hotel employees and sneak up to Kenny’s room, even though Cheryl owns the hotel and could have gotten them, at the very least, Kenny’s hotel room #.  They find Kenny rambling about being called “K-Log” and accusing them of working for someone named Borgnar and a massive fight breaks out in the suite of the Tuntmore.


It eventually spills out onto the balcony that has a stupidly designed glass pool which breaks open and almost washes Kenny off but Archer saves him and finally explains he doesn’t know a Borgnar or what’s in Kenny’s mysterious briefcase, which either has “plutonium or a human soul”.

Kenny to come and perform the long awaited country duet version of Danger Zone at Lana’s party, who is completely mystified by who Kenny Loggins in and that Danger Zone is a song.

  • Obscure Pop Culture Reference of the Week: Archer says “Imma plant a red fern for you jug” after his jug breaks in a reference to Where the Red Fern Grows.
  • Cherlene’s Outlaw Country cereal of choice is Branjos
  • “Danger Zone! No wait…This is It”
  • Archer thinks Jim Messina is equally as genius as Kenny Loggins
  • Pam has cocaine donuts and cocaine Mentos to continue her addiction
  • You can get Cherlene’s album right now on Amazon or iTunes
  • In a rare moment of sweetness, Mallory buys Lana pretty much everything she needs for her baby while Archer gives her his old crib out of storage
  • Archer is flush with cash after stealing and selling one of the portraits in Cherlene’s mansion.