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Review: The Batman

March 8, 2022

After years of anticipation, the newest incarnation of the Dark Knight hit theaters this past weekend and director Matt Reeves has delivered one of the best versions of Batman that feels like the cinematic version of the best Batman graphic novels.

News Shotgun 11/23

November 23, 2019

Noah Hawley is writing and directing a new Star Trek film, Channing Tatum developing an adaptation of The Maxx, Netflix is getting a Vikings sequel series, Stargirl will air on both DC Universe and The CW, John Turturro joins The Batman and much more in this week’s News Shotgun.

Admit One 6/23

June 23, 2017

Transfomers: The Last Knight is the only big new release this weekend and it’s apparently about as bad as you expect it to be.