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Admit One 4/24: Literal Edition

April 24, 2009

No question about what any of the new movies coming out this week are about. Fighting is about fighting, The Soloist is about a soloist, Earth is about the Earth and Obsessed is about Ali Landry being obsessed with Dunder Mifflin’s newest manager, Charles. Let’s see what the critics literally had to say.

Admit One: *shudder* 2/20

February 20, 2009

I almost don’t want to write this post but I’m going to cowboy up and get through it.  The fact of the matter is that this weekend’s new releases are absolutely atrocious. I highly recommend watching something that already came out but if you really feel the need to watch either one of these here’s […]


I Must Break You

February 2, 2009

Hulu must be reading our minds or something because yesterday it was Robocop and today we have Rocky IV.  Can Commando be far behind?


Greatest Motivational Speech Ever

December 14, 2008

The Internet brings us the greatest motivational speech of all time, cut from all the other great speeches in movie history.  Watch it and get pumped for whatever you have to get done. video://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6wRkzCW5qI


Episode 45: Rambo (First Blood Part 2)

November 30, 2008

Action stars come and go, but only a few actors are enshrined in our pantheon. One of the greatest: Sly Stallone as Vietnam vet Rambo. In “First Blood”, he became a nuisance for Brian Dennehy and had a bad-ass monologue on being a vet. In the sequel, he becomes the quintessential 80’s action hero; armed, […]


The Many Faces of Steven Seagal

November 16, 2008

Have you ever watched a Steven Seagal movie and thought, “I can’t quite figure out what emotion he’s showing.”?  Well now you can thanks to the Steven Seagal Emotion Chart: lnmqunidug91xxvh8nl5yotuo1_500.jpg JPEG Image, 400×555 pixels.


Kick Out the Vote!

November 4, 2008

Hey folks, we here at the podcast would like to advise our American listeners to go out and vote today! If none of the candidates please you, then MagicHugs would like to offer a different kind of president to “run the fucking country”. video://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N31OLpHCAWg