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Action Hero of the Week: Gibson Rickenbacker


Name: Gibson Rickenbacker

Occupation: “Slinger” in the post-apocalypse

Family: N/A

Allies: Nady Simmons, Haley, Mary, Pearl Prophet

Enemies: Fender Tremolo and his gang of pirates

Weapon(s) of Choice: knives, modified rifle, martial arts

Body Count: N/A

Memorable Quote: N/A (Gibson is a man of few words)

See Gibson in Action:


Movie of the Month: Cyborg

It’s been a while since we’ve done a commentary on a straight up old school action movie so this month we’re going to be watching the JCVD “classic”, Cyborg.

Cyborg is like an onion of disaster the more you read about it.  Originally the schlock masters at Cannon wanted to do both a sequel to the Dolph Lundgren Masters of the Universe film and a live action Spider-Man movie but their rights to both franchises had to be cancelled due to Cannon’s financial troubles and so, for less than $500,000, they shot Cyborg on the sets of the first Masters of the Universe.  Chuck Norris was actually the first choice before Van Damme signed on, who had worked for Cannon previously on Bloodsport and Kickboxer (which came out the same year as Cyborg, 1989).  During filming, Van Damme put someone’s eye out with a prop knife and was sued by the actor involved for $485,000.  The film originally got an X rating for it’s violence and had to be edited down to get an R rating.  It has two sequels, with Cyborg 2 starring Casey Jones himself, Elias Koteas, and Angelina Jolie and the director, Albert Pyun directed two other, unrelated, cyborg based movies, Knights and Omega Doom that form a loose “Cyborg Trilogy”

Another unusual thing about Cyborg is that all the characters have guitar or music based names.  Van Damme is Rickenbacker and there’s characters with names based on Les Paul, Gibson, Fender, Strat, Pearl, Simmons and more.

We’ll be watching Cyborg at the end of the month and recording a commentary but you can check it out now on Netflix: http://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/413122?trkid=13752289

EA Commentary: Leprechaun

Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, Everything Action is keeping up the tradition started last year and watched another entry in the infamous Leprechaun series, this time the original 1993 classic.  Before going to space or to “da hood”, the Leprechaun was stalking a young Jennifer Aniston and the weird misfits her father hires to paint their house in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico.  Not quite developing his more elaborate kill technique, Warwick Davis’ titular creature usually resorts to biting or stabbing his victims or running them down in various go-karts.  The trio of Zach, Chris and Joe try to figure out if the director had a foot fetish, what the rules of Leprechauns are in this universe, why people buy murder houses and much more.  Leprechaun is available on Netflix and you can sync up the commentary below and watch the Everything Action crew.

Movie of the Month: Leprechaun

Since St. Patrick’s Day is this month, Everything Action will celebrate this month with the original Leprechaun, currently available on Netflix.

One of Jennifer Aniston’s first major roles and also one of the iconic performance from Warwick Davis, Leprechaun came out in 1993 and followed a similar trajectory to most horror movies of the era, starting out kind of legitimate but quickly devolving into ridiculousness before sending the franchise into space.  The Leprechaun movies started at  a much higher ridiculous level than movies like Hellraiser or Friday the 13th however, probably more similar to the Child’s Play series and the Leprechaun himself quickly became more mischievous and hacky as the series went on, coming up with increasingly more convoluted rhymes and ways to kill people and finally rapping during one of his adventures “to the hood”.

Come back at the end of the month as we check out the movie that kickstarted the franchise.

EA Commentary: Rumble in the Bronx

After a month of preparation, the crew of Zach, Chris, Joe and Chris Ali are ready to dive into classic Jackie Chan action/comedy of Rumble in the Bronx. Getting the worst introduction to America ever, Keung (Chan) is in New York City (by way of Toronto) for his uncle’s wedding but becomes the target of a local biker gang after he defends his uncle’s grocery store from their shoplifting attempts and then later, gets caught up in an illegal diamond sale.  There’s tons of classic Jackie Chan action, including being dragged behind a hovercraft, scaling a parking garage and performing seemingly impossible leaps (most of them with a broken foot).  We watched the below copy on YouTube but you can also watch it on DVD or Blu Ray, just pause the movie right when the title comes up and then start the commentary.


Movie of the Month: Rumble in the Bronx

Starting this month, Everything Action is introducing our “Movie of the Month”, where we’ll introduce the movie at the beginning of the month and then do a commentary at the end of the month, with some additional articles and tidbits in between.  To kick things off, we have the Jackie Chan classic, Rumble in the Bronx.

Rumble in the Bronx hit in 1997 and was the movie that launched Jackie Chan to superstardom in the US.  There were plenty of movies released overseas before Rumble in the Bronx, like the Police Story and Armor of God movies, but Rumble in the Bronx was the first with a wide theatrical run in the US and since it was a hit, the floodgates opened, with tons of his previous movies getting redubbed and, lots of times, reedited for the US.  Rumble in the Bronx, in fact, had over 17 minutes cut from it and a new score composed.  The movie was a critical success as well, with critics like the late, great Roger Ebert being happy that Chan was finally getting a chance to show off his unique brand of kung fu to a massive audience.

We’ll be assembling our crew and heading to the Bronx aka Vancouver at the end of this month, if you have any thoughts or favorite scenes from Rumble in the Bronx, let us know here or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.