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Review: The Courier

November 23, 2019

Olga Kurylenko stars in The Courier as the bad-ass title character, who finds herself protecting a key witness against a vicious crime boss after her most recent job turns out to be a setup.

Review: The November Man

September 1, 2014

Pierce Brosnan makes his welcome return to espionage action in the solid thriller, The November Man, as he takes on his former protege, Luke Bracey, and tries to unravel a conspiracy involving the front runner for the Russian presidency.

Admit One 8/29

August 29, 2014

August closes out with two movies that seem like they were close to being good but, according to critics, did not escape cliches.

The November Man Trailer

June 6, 2014

Pierce Brosnan returns to the espionage world in this summer’s The November Man, where he plays a retired CIA agent brought in for “one last mission”.

Review: Erased

July 18, 2013

Aaron Eckhart tries to fill Liam Neeson’s ass kicking shoes in this latest attempt to match the magic of Taken with Erased.

Review: Oblivion

April 24, 2013

Joseph Kosinski follow up Tron: Legacy with the equally impressive looking Oblivion, but the story and pacing are still not a level to complement the gorgeous visuals.

Admit One 4/19

April 19, 2013

Tom Cruise is left to gather resources and explore a destroyed Earth in the follow up to Tron: Legacy from Joseph Kosinski, Oblivion, the only new release out this week.