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“This is Jack Burton in the Pork Chop Express…”

February 25, 2009

Get ready to get your daily requirement of Kurt Russell because it’s John Carpenter bonus video day. Check out some of the best clips from Escape From New York, The Thing, Big Trouble in Little China and They Live.

Guest Review: Quantum of Solace

November 17, 2008

James Bond, an action institution, if you’re looking for the quintessential “man movie,” you rent, buy or Netflix yourself one of the 007 movies. It has long been a staple of the James Bond franchise to have big action, hot cars, hotter women, sweet gadgets and cheeky remarks all packed into on explosive movie. Simply put, 007 movies are the tits.

iTunes Comment Contest!

February 18, 2008

As announced on this week’s show (“The Last Starfighter”), we are holding a contest on the best comment on our podcast in the iTunes Music Store.