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The Pull List – Astro Hustle #1

March 4, 2019

See the future as it would have been imagined from the 70s in Astro Hustle. Chen Andalou is a rebellious outlaw that has been causing trouble around the universe until he was forced into cryo-stasis. After sixty years Chen has awakened, finding the galaxy is chaotic as ever and is riped to be plundered. But his […]

Auto Pilot: Thunder in Paradise

June 29, 2017

Closing out our month of vehicular action for Auto Pilot is 1994’s Thunder in Paradise, which featured Hulk Hogan as ex-Navy SEAL “Hurricane” Spencer, who along with his buddy Bru (Chris Lemmon), develops a high-tech power boat nicknamed Thunder that they use to take on various villains in the water around Florida.