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The Pull List – Punk Mambo #5

August 12, 2019

Bandaged up and ready for another go, Punk Mambo strikes back against her pursuers. The Tonton Macoute had nearly killed Mambo but Josef was able to help heal her before they could finish the job. Looking to take the fight back to transformed Azaire, the pair must deal with the demon Uncle Gunnysack first. Azaire’s […]

The Pull List – Punk Mambo #4

July 30, 2019

Punk Mambo’s hunt for the missing loa spirits leads her to Azaire, a man powerful anti-voodoo abilities. Azaire has puppetry Uncle Gunnysack and the Tonton Macoute from afar and enslaving people with spiritual talents to make him the most dominant figure with the undead. Mambo’s encounter with Azaire had left her wounded and scared, but […]

The Pull List – Punk Mambo #3

June 25, 2019

After a fight with Uncle Gunnysack and the Tonton Macoute,  Punk Mambo and Josef clash over Punk’s plan to bait the demon with one of the voodoo gods. Josef angrily leaves Punk to report back at his congregation and alert the rest of the voodoo gods. Tagging Uncle Gunnysack, Punk finds the location of where […]

The Pull List – Punk Mambo #2

May 27, 2019

Brought in to a church by a magical cult of voodoo followers, Punk Mambo meets a council of Voodoo Gods. The Gods directed Punk Mambo to track the demonic thief known as Uncle Gunnysack. This was the same demon that snatched up Mambo’s loa companion Ayezan and is responsible for many other disappearances. Reluctantly accepting […]

The Pull List – Punk Mambo #1

April 19, 2019

Powered by voodoo magic, Punk Mambo is a trash-talking rebel mystical investigator. With her loa companion Ayezan, Punk is a protector that holds back the supernatural from overriding Louisiana’s Bayou Country. Punk has taken on great evils before, but on the celebration of Saint John’s Eve, she encounters a foe like no other. Losing her […]