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Horror Villain of the Week: Blade

October 20, 2021

Created by puppeteer AndrĂ© Toulon, Blade is one of the leaders of the Marionette Warriors, puppets imbued with life by the Puppet Master. Depending on the intentions of the Puppet Master, Blade and the other warriors can act for good or evil as they’ve both fought and defeated a Nazi threat and slaughtered innocent people based on who is controlling them.

News Shotgun 10/2/21

October 2, 2021

Disney and Scarlett Johansson settle their lawsuit out of court and the Friday the 13th lawsuit reaches a decision, the next Jason Statham/Guy Ritchie movies gets a new title and release date, The Boys college spin-off is officially coming to Prime Video, Jumanji is getting a theme park ride in Italy, Babylon 5 is coming back on The CW and more in this week’s News Shotgun.

News Shotgun 5/7

May 7, 2016

Tons of big news this week including our first look at the new Power Rangers, the casting of the young Han Solo, the announcement of Space Jam 2, a new Puppet Master movie, some hope for the return of Karl Urban’s Dredd and much more.