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New Release Round Up 7/27

So after a few weeks of lackluster releases, this week there is actually some stuff coming out.

Clash of the Titans

Repo Men

GI Joe: The Movie

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Operation: Endgame

The Art of the Steal

Pawn Stars Season Two

21 Jump Street The Complete Series

Life After People Season Two

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Blu Ray)

Rambo Extended Cut (Blu Ray)

Fanboys (Blu Ray)

Everything Actioncast Ep. 5 “Gay Porno Inspector”

This week on the Everything Actioncast, Brian, Zach and Chris talk about what they’ve seen recently including Iron Man 2, the fantastic action movie based episode of Community, Val Kilmer playing dress up in The Saint and more. We talk about news including some new trailers and then discuss our favorite historical action epics, in honor of Robin Hood coming out this weekend.

  • Show and Tell: Brian and Zach talk about the great episode of Community that aired last week which paid tribute to every action movie you can think of, Brian started watching cult British comedy Spaced, Chris saw Black Hawk Down and Out of Sight on TV, Zach watched The Saint and Chris and Zach saw the big movie of the weekend, Iron Man 2.
  • News: Stallone says Rambo story is complete, Super 8 trailer and details, Buried teaser trailer and Rubber, the movie about a killer rubber tire. Plus New Release Round Up.
  • Historical Action Epics: With Robin Hood coming out, the guys talk about some of their favorite Historical Action Epics including Gladiator, 300, The Patriot, Munich, Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan and more.

If you like what you hear (or don’t) please, leave us some feedback or send in a comment. Our e-mail is contact@everythingaction.com and you can also find us on Twitter @evaction or on Facebook. To not miss an episode, definitely subscribe to the podcast in the iTunes music store and give us a rating and feedback there as well.

Rambo Retired?

So after two potential ideas were tossed out it seems that Stallone has had a change of heart and is “99% sure” that Rambo V won’t be made.  In a recent interview with Empire, Stallone says that upon further consideration he feels like Rambo IV is a good way to have the character come full circle, similar to Rocky Balboa.  There will be more Rambo in the future as Sly is working on a director’s cut of Rambo with an extra 12 minutes added on.  I think like 8 or 9 more minutes of Rambo on the .50 cal would be awesome but Sly said in the interview that it’s more character based stuff, like a speech he gives to Julie Benz’s character near the beginning of the movie.  One other bit of Stallone news is that apparently Sly is already planning a sequel to The Expendables.  I’m sure Sly could be 70 and in a wheelchair and he’d still be kicking ass so I say keep it coming.

Everything Action Theater: Robocop Alpha Commando

Starting in the 80’s and continuing into the 90’s, there was trend of taking hard R movies and turning them into kid friendly Saturday morning cartoons.  The Toxic Avenger, Police Academy and Rambo all had cartoon versions and Alpha Commando is actually the second Robocop cartoon.  After a five year hibernation, Robocop is reactivated in the year 2030 by federal agency Alpha Division to help them stop the evil terrorist group DARC or the Directorate for Anarchy and Chaos.  You can check out the first part of the pilot episode below, courtesy of Hulu.

00: The Big Headlines

This entry is part 2 in the series 00: A Decade In Action

This week, Everything Action provides a look back on the past decade in action movies. Today, we go over the action headlines that made this decade. From larger-than-life comic book movies to the return of our favorite heroes back in action, this decade has been filled with intriguing stories.

Comic book movies become all the rage

Blame Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” for the onslaught of comic book movies that dominated this decade. Audiences ate them up for the most part, but for every “Iron Man” there was a “Daredevil”. The high point came with “The Dark Knight”, as it become the biggest movie of 2008 and arguably the decade.

Arnie becomes the Governator

Arnold Schwarzenegger made the movie from action star to another role… governor of the great state of California. Arnie’s roles in the 00s where nothing to write home about (T3 was his lackluster last starring role), but his turn as governor turned many heads in the political career. One wonders what Arnold will do movie wise when his gig as the Governator is up.

Old action stalwarts make a comeback

Really, another “Die Hard” or “Rambo”? Both came late this decade and both were at least… decent. “Live Free or Die Hard” took a techie turn, with John McClane saving the U.S. from a cyber-attack with hacker geek Justin Long in tow. “Rambo” found our titular star in Thailand, saving a group of Christian humanitarians from a cruel military dictator. While the fourth “Die Hard” was a bit lacking, the fourth “Rambo” was a rousing gorey return. Who knows who else will make a return in the next decade, although we are excited for the retro-feeling action film “The Expendables”.

“Gladiator” wins Best Picture

The Oscars aren’t all about the pomp and circumstances of indie dramas or documentaries. Even kick-ass action films can win. Take a look in 2001, when Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator” received the Best Picture award. The film also earned wins for Best Actor (Russell Crowe), Best Visual Effects, Best Costume and Best Sound. The epic film earned a legacy when hero Maximus was named in AFI’s “100 Years… 100 Heroes and Villains”.

James Cameron makes a return to movies… action movies

It’s been nearly 12 years since James Cameron declared himself king of the world at the Oscars. This was after winning the Best Director for “Titanic”; a great night for the film that won 11 Academy Awards. The hype for Cameron’s next film, “Avatar”, started really early. Some even claim that it will change cinema forever. The film opened to a $73 million weekend, a bit on the low side of expectations but great nonetheless. It will take a while to tell if “Avatar” is as big as they claim it to be, but so far so good. Action fans don’t mind too much, because instead of another epic tear-jerker, Cameron returned the genre that made him famous.

These Videos aren’t Expendable

Tie on your headbands and get those explosive arrowheads ready because it’s time for some action packed Rambo 2 bonus videos.


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Episode 45: Rambo (First Blood Part 2)

Action stars come and go, but only a few actors are enshrined in our pantheon. One of the greatest: Sly Stallone as Vietnam vet Rambo. In “First Blood”, he became a nuisance for Brian Dennehy and had a bad-ass monologue on being a vet. In the sequel, he becomes the quintessential 80’s action hero; armed, ripped and ready to go. Freed from jail to help save POWs, Rambo’s mission is clear… until the mission leader Murdock pulls a double-cross and must face the wrath of Rambo. Good luck with that.

Brian and Zach compare the first two Rambo films, talk about the most awesome scene in the film, and shake their heads at horrible semi-racist stereotypes.