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Summer TV 2014: SyFy/USA

May 16, 2014

USA and SyFy have a few new shows joining their returning shows this summer including a new medical drama on USA and the sequel to the Paul Bettany “killer angel” movie Legion coming to SyFy.

The 8th Annual Kick Ass Awards

February 24, 2014

It’s the 8th Annual Kick Ass Awards and, unlike some other awards that shall not be named, we honor the best and worst of movies you’ve actually seen and care about. Who will win the coveted Ass Kicker of the Year and Kick Ass Movie of the Year awards? Read on to find out.

New Release Round Up 1/28

January 28, 2014

Check out the biggest and baddest Metallica concert ever with our Pick of the Week, Through the Never, along with a bunch of the bigger fall releases from last year.

Admit One 9/27

September 27, 2013

Most of this weekend’s movies got good reviews so, depending on what you’re into, you have some choices this weekend at the theaters.