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Scott Adkins Fights in Real Time in One Shot (Trailer)

October 12, 2021

Scott Adkins has had some fantastic one-take action sequences in his career but his upcoming movie One Shot takes things to the next level as the entire movie is shot in one-take and in real-time as Adkins plays a Navy SEAL who arrives at a CIA black site to get information about an impending attack on Washington DC from a detainee but the base is attacked by terrorists.

Fall TV 2016: USA

May 16, 2016

USA unveiled their two new drama series during the NBC upfront presentation, the adaptation of the Mark Wahlberg action movie Shooter and the extremely Inceptionesque Falling Water along with the Season 2 trailer for Mr. Robot.


July 8, 2009

MacGruber is bringing his penchant for making life saving inventions out of household materials to the big screen.