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News Shotgun 4/13/24

April 13, 2024

GI Joe and Transformers are officially colliding in a new movie, TMNT is getting R rated with a The Last Ronin movie adaptation, Glen Powell will star in Edgar Wright’s new The Running Man, Heroes is coming back again with Heroes: Eclipsed, Blumhouse is developing a new Blair Witch movie and much more in this week’s News Shotgun.

Know Your “That Guy”: Kurt Fuller

July 4, 2013

Benjamin: Have you spoken to Wayne about the Vanderhoff spot?
Russel: Yes, briefly. He was not very receptive.
Benjamin: Oh really? Well I’ll explain it to him that it’s not a choice. It’s in his contract
Russel: Oh. Well Wayne will understand that right away… NOT!
[Ben glares at Russel]
Russel: Excuse me!