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The Pull List – She Could Fly: The Lost Pilot #3

June 6, 2019

Luna Brewster is torn between moving on with her life and an infatuation with someone else’s past. Luna begins a relationship with Gary, a teenage outcast with a crush for the mischievous Luna. Gary’s presence gives Luna hope to feel like a teenager, but her obsession with Mayura Howard’s still lingers. Meanwhile, Mr. Laudermilk, a […]

The Pull List – She Could Fly: The Lost Pilot #2

May 7, 2019

Luna falls deeper into her obsession with finding Mayura Howard’s family. She has become consumed by her curiosity and her mind has started to become affected. Violent memories and nightmarish fantasies have crept back into her head. Fearing that she might be sent to psychiatric care, she finds ways to appear normal. But she is […]

The Pull List – She Could Fly: The Lost Pilot #1

April 8, 2019

Mayura Howard took flight as the mysterious flying woman, which sparked Luna Brewster’s curiosity. But what began as a simple fascination spiraled into a deep obsession. Luna became to lose herself to find out everything about Howard. However, Luna was not the only one searching for clues to the flying woman. Luna became involved with […]

The Pull List – She Could Fly #3

September 10, 2018

Bill Meigs and Luna Brewster have finally crossed paths. Bill has been hunting down the technology used to create the Flying Woman’s jetpack and Luna has been obsessing about the life of Flying Woman, Mayura Howard. These two have been searching for more information about Mayura and now have come to a mutual agreement to help […]

The Pull List – She Could Fly #2

August 3, 2018

Luna Brewster has been fascinated by a mysterious flying woman, who has been soaring the skies of Chicago by unknown means. But after a tragic explosion leaves the city that permanently grounds the flying woman, Luna fragile mind shatters. Filled with dreadful thoughts and unsolved questions, Luna’s obsession over the flying woman will lead her […]

The Pull List – She Could Fly #1

July 5, 2018

When people see amazing sights, it could inspire others to be something greater in their lives. But for one teenage girl, seeing a unknown woman fly will bring change her life in very usual ways. Meet Luna Brewster, a 15 year old girl with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, starting her sophomore year in high school in Chicago. […]