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Everything Action Facebook Group

January 15, 2011

New for 2011, Everything Action is now a group on Facebook. Head over there to see and comment on news stories, chat with the guys, post your own cool links and more.


Site Updates!

March 6, 2009

Hey folks, just let you all know that the podcast archives will mostly be MIA as we do some upgrades. Also, after we’re done, all of the podcast ep posts will be tagged for easier searching. We are also aware of the frequent DB errors plaguing the site and are working round-the-clock to get them […]


Kick Ass Meets Awesome Bad

February 18, 2009

Co-host Zach chatted it up tonight with the dudes from Awesome Badness. The topic? The upcoming 81st Academy Awards. Predictions and more! Click on the link below to download the episode, which was recorded live. Listen Now!


Buy Our NEW Crap!

February 3, 2009

Like the podcast so much you’d like to show the world? Well check out a new redesigned podcast store! Complete with t-shirt’s, messenger bags, mugs and more. You can even get your own KICK ASS movie podcast digital camcorder! Show your KAMPC fanboy status with our new awesome swag. Check out the official KICK ASS […]


The Kick Ass Movie Forum… RETURNS!

October 8, 2008

After a much-too-long absence, the forum is now back. Just click the “Forum” tab at the top, or click here to access the forum. If you have an existing account from the old forum, don’t worry. Your login name and password should still work. Plus all the old topics, posts, and accounts should be there. […]


Kick Ass Movie Podcast Promo!

October 6, 2008

We already played it on air last week, but we can’t get enough of the promo that Eric from Awesome Badness did. So, to continue celebrating its greatness, I’ve taken the time to put it into a YouTube video promo. Look for the raw video (and audio) on our upcoming “Press” page coming soon. Spread […]


Site Status… RESTORED.

September 13, 2008

Okay, so the site was down, obviously. I was able to restore it with an older version of our theme that I had. So things might not look or feel the same. Also, the forum still does not work. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel though: we are strongly considering moving to […]


Season 3: Electric Boogaloo

September 7, 2008

Well, hope everyone had a good summer, we sure did.  As one last hurrah we reviewed most of the big blockbusters that came out this summer for our season 3 premiere, which happens to go up tomorrow!  Along with that are a bunch of new features so that something will be on the site everyday.  […]