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The Pull List – Stranger Things: Six #4

August 29, 2019

Suffering from the constant experiments and witnessing one of the twins put into a coma, Francine is determined to escape the Hawkins Laboratory at all cost. Dr. Brenner’s attempts to connect with the strange, opposite realm is causing too much damage for the subjects to handle. Working with Ricky, they hatch a plan to leave […]

The Pull List – Stranger Things: Six #3

July 31, 2019

The latest experiment has Six placed in a sensory deprivation tank to control her precognitive ability. Removing all her focus on the past and present, Six could potentially get a clear view of the future. But Six releases there will no end to the experiments, she is convinced escape is the only option.

The Pull List – Stranger Things: Six #2

June 24, 2019

The experiments at the Hawkins Laboratory opened a window in Francine’s mind to a bizarre reality. Vivid nightmares and hallucinations being to invade her mind. The more Dr. Brenner pushes Six to control her powers, the stronger the visions are to her. Isolated from the rest of the children, Six is alone with her thoughts. […]

The Pull List – Stranger Things: Six #1

May 22, 2019

Set years before the events of the original Stranger Things, Stranger Things: Six follows the adventure of a young girl named Francine. Kept as a test subject at Hawkins National Laboratory, Francine has precognition abilities. Given the codename Six, she is assigned to a special project to control her powers. Stranger Things: Six will tell […]