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It Comes at Night Trailer

The latest from A24, who brought us Green Room, The Witch, Swiss Army Man, Moonlight, The Lobster and more last year, It Comes At Night is an apocalyptic horror movie that features a family, led by Joel Edgerton, who are trying to survive as some sort of “unnatural threat” is destroying the world around them.  A young family arrives seeking shelter and tensions quickly reach the breaking point.  There have been a ton of these kinds of movies in the past but it’s always a solid formula for drama and A24 gives it that little push toward being more artful and classy.  It’s directed by Trey Edwards Shults, who directed Krisha previously for A24, and it’s out on August 25th.  Check out the trailer below.

New Release Round Up 10/4

Pick of the Week: The Venture Bros Season 5

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Battle at the Box Office 7/4

Finding Dory dominated the box office again this week with another $50.19 million over the Fourth of July holiday weekend and bringing it up to over $380.5 million and making it the fifth highest grossing animated film of all time, right behind it’s predecessor Finding Nemo, which has $380.8 million, so it will definitely surpass it soon.

The Legend of Tarzan took second place with $45.6 million, better than expected but with a lot of ground still to cover to make up for it’s $180 million budget.  It did better than The Rock’s reboot of Hercules in 2014 and was just below Peter Jackson’s King Kong, which made $50 million it’s opening weekend.  It was way off though from the similarly themed Jungle Book reboot, which made over $103 million it’s opening weekend earlier this year and over $359 million worldwide.

The Purge: Election Year took third with $34.8 million, the best opening for the franchise and it garnered both the best critical and audience ratings as well.  It’s opening already tripled it’s budget and a fourth Purge is probably on the way soon.

The BFG was fourth with a disappointing $22.2 million considering it was a big budget collaboration between Disney and Steven Spielberg.  As far as Spielberg’s opening weekends, The BFG is 12th, between The Terminal and Bridge of Spies but it is the second best opening for a Roald Dahl adaptation, behind Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Independence Day: Resurgence rounded out the top 5 with $20 million, suffering a 50% drop off from last week’s already weak opening, despite the fact that the holiday is in it’s title.

Further down the charts, Swiss Army Man expanded wider over the weekend and jumped from 27th last week to eleventh this week, making $1.7 million in 636 theaters.  In it’s first weekend, thriller Our Kind of Traitor opened in 373 theaters and made over $1.2 million and took 12th place.

Battle at the Box Office 6/27

Finding Dory dominated the box office again, making more than all the four new movies combined and having one of the best ever second weekends with $73 million, putting it over $286 million for it’s two weeks out and it’s made $110 million worldwide, so combined it’s close to $400 million already and it’s almost double where Finding Nemo was at the box office in the same time frame.

Independence Day: Resurgence took a distant second with $41.6 million, well off from the original’s $50 million opening in 1996, which would be around $75 million adjusted for inflation and Resurgence will definitely not be the number one movie of the year like it’s predecessor.  It’s doing OK worldwide so it will probably have to rely on China and the other international markets to try and break even or get close to breaking even.

Central Intelligence dropped to third with another $18.4 million, putting it over $69 million for it’s two weeks out.

The Shallows did the “best” of the new movies, exceeding expectation and making $16.7 million off a budget of $17 million and the third best ever opening for Blake Lively.

Free State of Jones opened in fifth with $7.7 million which was off even from the low expectations of the studio and one of the lowest openings ever for Matthew McConaughey, sitting between EDtv and We Are Marshall.

In 783 theaters, The Neon Demon didn’t even crack $1 million, making only $606,594 but director Nicolas Winding Refn was never trying to be a blockbuster, crowd pleasing director and it had the usual split reviews of some critics thinking it’s a visual masterpiece and others thinking it’s an empty exercise in style over substance.

Speaking of limited releases, Swiss Army Man aka the movie where Daniel Radcliffe is a magical farting corpse, opened in 3 theaters and made $114,000 or $38,000 per theater, the best performance per theater of the weekend.