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News Shotgun 2/20/21

February 20, 2021

Batman 89 and Superman 78 are getting comic-book sequels from DC, The Raid’s Gareth Evans signed an exclusive deal with Netflix, Wednesday Addams is getting a live-action TV series, Supergirl was cast for The Flash movie, Edgar Wright is directing a new adaptation of The Running Man and more in this week’s News Shotgun.

Musical Montage: John Parr “Restless Heart”

November 4, 2013

The end credits song to The Running Man, John Parr pulls out all the stops for the wonderfully insane music video for “Restless Heart”, with tons of unnecessary slow motion, clips from the movie that make no sense and getting incorporated into the movie footage himself.

Total Recall: Sliders “Dead Man Sliding”

May 28, 2011

Quinn is put on trial for a crime is double committed on this week’s Sliders but, unlike Earth Prime, judgement is handled on a game show called “The Judgement Game” where the studio audience will decide Quinn’s fate.