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Review: Terminator: Dark Fate

November 5, 2019

Wiping everything after Terminator 2 from existence, Terminator: Dark Fate brings back Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, who joins in the fight to protect a young woman that is targetted by a deadly new Terminator model, the Rev-9.

The Pull List – The Terminator: Sector War #3

February 14, 2019

Needing more firepower and support, Lucy Castro seeks help from a crime boss Papa Oso. The T-800 has been tracking Lucy throughout the streets of New York and has been trying to eliminate Lucy with any means possible. Risking her career as a police officer, Lucy makes a deal with Papa Oso to put a stop to […]

The Pull List – The Terminator: Sector Wars #2

September 17, 2018

The T-800 has sent officer Lucy Castro on a wild ride through the streets of NYC. After ramping through Lucy’s apartment and damaging her squad car, the T-800 makes it very clear it intends to eliminate Lucy by any means possible. Earning a moment to catch her breath, Lucy tries to make sense of the situation. […]

The Pull List – The Terminator: Sector Wars #1

August 9, 2018

When the Terminator was sent to 1984 to eliminate Sarah Connor, it left a destructive trail all around Los Angeles. But that wasn’t the only killer sent back in time. Skynet had sent another Terminator to New York City during the same time in an effort to eliminate a secondary target, Lucy Castro. Unaware of being […]

News Shotgun 4/14

April 14, 2018

A bunch of TV renewals, casting for IT Chapter 2 and Mulan and the new Terminator, Rick & Morty are entering the world of D&D, the Statham/Rock Fast & Furious movie officially has a director and more in this week’s News Shotgun.