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The Pull List – Dragonfly & Dragonflyman #1

November 7, 2019

The insect heroes of Earth-Alpha and Earth-Omega are back and ready to take on villainy. Dragonfly & Dragonflyman explore two parrel universes that share similar backgrounds, but with completely opposing attitudes. These two identical worlds may look the same but function on a completely different level. Earth-Alpha has its champion Dragonlyman, a cheerful and mild […]

The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #6

February 5, 2019

Stuck in their opposite worlds, Dragonflyman and the Dragonfly overcame great challenges adjusting to their strange alternate worlds. However, their presence in their new worlds has spiraling chaotic effects. Both heroes caused problems with the police, their sidekicks and their hunt for Number 1. And now their identity is threatened to be revealed. The Odonata wing […]

The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #5

January 7, 2019

A bomb and a money pit could not slow down Dragonflyman and Dragonfly. With careful planning, Dragonflyman was prepared for an explosion, knowing that the evildoers would try to something sneaky. Saving Jordan, a victim of Number 1’s gang, he takes him back to Dragonfly lair. Meanwhile, in Earth-Alpha, the Dragonfly uses brute force to […]

The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #4

December 4, 2018

Just when Earth-Alpha seemed to be a little too cozy for the Dragonfly, he cranks up the violence to match his taste. After handling a supervillain with murderous results, the citizens of Fortune City are shocked by this new version of Dragonfly, fearing that former hero is now on a terrorizing rampage. But the Dragonfly soon […]

The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #3

November 7, 2018

A Dragonflyman’s work is never done, no matter what world he’s in. Dragonflyman is handling integrating two corrupt cops in the Bug House holding cell in Earth-Omega. Trying to understand the world he is in, Dragonflyman can’t bare all the sights that go against his morals. Corruption, greed, and violence rules these streets of Fortune City […]

The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #2

October 10, 2018

Both versions of Dragonflyman get a strange welcome to their new counterpart world. The dark and jaded Dragonflyman from Earth-Omega is surprised to see his ward Stringer alive and his heroism praised in Earth-Alpha. The honorable and polite Dragonflyman from Earth-Alpha is greeted by corruption and violence in Earth-Omega. The Earth-Omega Dragonflyman is not used to seeing this cheery version of his world, believing everyone is hiding something on the surface. […]

The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #1

August 31, 2018

What happens when a campy do-gooding superhero crosses over into their gritty, violent parallel universe? The Wrong Earth tells the story of the Dragonflyman, a masked vigilante hero that protects Fortune City. By day, he is the mild-mannered, Wall Street exec, Ricard Fame. But at night, he is the crime-fighting, winged Dragonflyman. He is assisted […]