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Musical Montage: Sting “My Funny Friend and Me”

January 1, 2024

While it’s a beloved Disney cult classic today, The Emperor’s New Groove went through an extremely tumultuous production, especially when it came to its collaboration with music legend Sting, whose song “My Funny Friend and Me” is included over the end credits.

Everything Action Theater: Mars Attacks!

April 8, 2021

Unfortunately coming out the same summer as the juggernaut that was Independence Day, Mars Attacks! got overshadowed and was considered a box office bomb upon its release but it’s gotten more positive reception and a cult following in the years since 1996. Check out the entire movie in the latest Everything Action Theater.

Musical Montage: Bond Music (Connery)

November 6, 2012

This month for Musical Montage we’re featuring all the music from Bond, starting with the Connery (and Lazenby) era, which introduced the classic Bond theme as well as the concept of the crazy intro sequences and song that has become a staple of the series.