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“I’d Buy That for a Dollar”

September 13, 2008

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly movie pitch.  Using my movie plot generator I will pitch a movie to the ether of the internet.  If it makes it big just remember where it came from. Step Up 2 Da Plate “A Gangsta Rapper coaches a hapless Little League team in the heart warming […]

Poll: KAMPC Season 1 CD

October 17, 2007

We’re contemplating on whether or not to do a “Best of Season 1” CD. Not only would it contain a few choice selections from our first season, it’d also contain liner notes (commentary from us), bonus podcasts and any other content we can find. The only issue is… would anybody be interested? So vote now […]

Contest Answers!

March 31, 2007

I know you all have probably been dying to hear the answers to the Hans Zimmer Challenge so here they are. Clip 1 was Crimson Tide Clip 2 was The Rock Clip 3 was Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest Congrats to Matt Alban from Des Plaines, IL!

Contest Change

March 21, 2007

Hey everyone, Either you’re all too lazy or we underestimated Hans Zimmer’s sameness but no one entered our fantastic contest for the DVD. So we’re making it easier. You only have to give us one answer. See the previous post for the rules and clips. Just give us the name of one of the movies […]

Contest Reminder

March 4, 2007

Just letting you all know that we have set a deadline date on the Hans Zimmer Challenge: March 17, 2007 at midnight EST. Later that day, we’ll pick the winner of the DVD and announce them in our season finale in late April. What does this mean? Get your rear in gear and submit us […]

The Hans Zimmer Challenge

February 24, 2007

We’ve noticed that most of Hans Zimmer’s scores sound the goddamn same. So we’ve devised the contest. Here’s the deal… listen to this podcast till the very end to hear the overview and rules for our first contest. Or you can just read below: Contest At the end of this podcast, we play three seperate […]