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The Pull List – Red Sonja & Vampirella meet Betty & Veronica #3

August 6, 2019

A killer is on the loose in Riverdale and racking up a body count. Betty and Veronica try to help Red Sonja and Vampirella hunt for the killer but are too late for the latest victim. When the police start looking closer at murders, a pair of detectives some suspect the barbarian redhead and her […]

The Pull List – Vampirella #1

July 16, 2019

Vampirella celebrates her 50th anniversary in style with a return to the comic pages in her own series from Dynamite. The vampiric warrior from the planet Drakulon traveled to Earth many years ago in search of blood. Learning to empathize with the humans, Vampirella takes an oath to protect her new planet. Peacefully living among […]

The Pull List – Red Sonja & Vampirella meet Betty & Veronica #2

June 17, 2019

Demonic forces are converging in Riverdale, and only one team is prepared to stop it. Betty and Veronica help Sonja and Vampirella blend into Riverdale High to uncover the mystery behind the series of deaths. But when another body is discovered, the police are looking at the odd group. Sonja and Vampirella quickly mingle their […]

The Pull List – Red Sonja & Vampirella meet Betty & Veronica #1

May 7, 2019

A powerful evil has descended into the quiet town of Riverdale. A pair of warriors will join two quirky teens to save Riverdale from becoming the new breeding ground of corruption.  Red Sonja and Vampirella follow a trail that indicates the presence of demonic magic in Riverdale. Meanwhile, Betty and Veronica are investigative reporters looking […]

The Pull List – Vampirella: Valentine’s Day Special

February 11, 2019

Vampirella knows the best way to the heart, is with her bare hands ripping it out. See how Vampirella spends her Valentine’s Day in two stories in Vampirella: Valentine’s Day Special. In the first tale, when the Big Easy is celebrating Valentine’s Day with non-stop partying in the streets, supernatural predators wait to snatch up unsuspecting prey. […]