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Gamebox 2.0: Games of May 2024

May 23, 2024

We got our hands on some hot titles this May just as the summer season begins to heat up. For this Gamebox 2.0, we revisited a boomer shooter classic in PO’ed, when on a cosmic date with an eldritch monster in Sucker for Love: Date to Die For, experienced a forgotten 90s PC Engine title in Citizen Shockman 3 and so much more!

Gamebox 2.0: Games of April 2024

April 25, 2024

Spring brought us some fresh action titles this month. We dove into some Vampire Survivors-style shooters with Gladiator Arena, delivered some punishment with a bionic hand in Phantom Fury, navigated dangerous terrain in Lunar Lander Beyond, battled on the digital tabletop in Solforge Fusion, and more! Check out everything we played this month below in the Gambox 2.0 of April 2024.

Everything Action at Pax East 2024

April 4, 2024

PAX East made return to Boston this past March for a four packed days of gaming and geek culture. The Everything Action duo of Zach and Chris immersed themselves in the expo’s extensive list of activities sights experiences to keep them busy for hours. They explored the show floor, popped into panels, and visited game rooms, taking plenty of snapshots along the way.

Gamebox 2.0: Games of March 2024

March 29, 2024

We rained down destruction in Nuke ‘Em All, explored a dark version of Camelot in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, and duked it out in turn-based competition in Hex Gambit: Respawned.  Check out what we played for this month for the Gamebox.

Six One Indie Showcase 2024

March 19, 2024

Six One Indie is an independent video game network that aims to boost the presence of rising creators and their games. They have set up the Six One Indie Showcase as a bi-annual digital presentation dedicated to uplifting independent developers who may not have the means for traditional industry spotlights. For their latest show, they are gathering 39 Indie game developers to showcase their latest projects and ideas, all within 60 minutes.

Preview of Pax East 2024

March 18, 2024

As one of the largest gaming events, PAX East promises an unforgettable experience filled with exciting exhibitions, captivating panels, thrilling tournaments, and much more! Our preview guide is a quick rundown of things to see and do, plus what makes this event so fun that everyone looks forward to each year.

Gamebox 2.0: Games of February 2024

February 27, 2024

This month in the world of games, we became a cog in the machine in CorpoNation: The Sorting Process, revisited one of the greatest PC games ever made with Free Stars: The Ur-Quan Masters, started a mob war in Of Murder and Moonshine, and more.

Gamebox 2.0: Games of January 2024

January 31, 2024

It’s finally 2024 and that means getting our hands on the games to start the year off right. We raced Micro Machines in VR, became investigators for Bahnsen Knights and Card Detective, and went on a vampiric quest in The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest. Check out these game reviews and more in the January Gamebox 2.0