Superbad is SuperRad!!! (wow, that is lame.)

As promised here is the separate post for the glorious cornucopia of Superbad videos.


When interviews go bad:

Meet Seth:

Meet Evan:

Meet Fogell aka McLovin:

Penis Drawings!!!

If you learn anything from Superbad, it’s make sure you have a decent cell phone:

The apple of Evan’s eye, Becca:

The guys hate Quizno’s apparentley:

Michael Cera sings “These Eyes” by The Guess Who and it’s still stuck in my head:

The cast takes a moment to discuss serious issues at the Spike TV Guys Choice Awars:

I’m going to make it my mission this year to somehow tie Arrested Development into every video post, this one was a softball because Michael Cera was brilliant as George Michael Bluth. Here he’s the Star Wars kid!:

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