24 Season 7 Trailer, Live Free or Jack Bauer.

Yes, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the first look at the new season of 24. Now we can see if it will return to the greatness of the first 5 seasons or be a horrible disaster like season 6. From the looks of the trailer I’m gonna have to admit that my interest is piqued. Brian on the other hand is on the “watch the first episode and then decide” side of things. Watch the trailer below and check out some thoughts I had while watching it.

Watched it? OK, here’s my thoughts.

1. Definately a “Live Free or Die Hard” vibe coming through really strong. “Oh Noes, they’re haxing our internets”. Hopefully they won’t use computers to blow things up like Timothy Olyphant did but you never know.

2. Tony is bald, bad and pissed off, cheap ploy or interesting plot device?

3. CTU is finally disbanded, someone higher up must have realized the world’s most insecure agency wasn’t such a good thing to have around.

4.  Thank you for moving the season to Washington D.C., LA getting extremely boring.

5. Has Kurtwood Smith ever not been a bastard?

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