He’s the Ghost with the Most

Yes, It’s Halloween, It’s Wednesday and it’s Kick Ass video day here on the old site. However, some sad news to report as KAMPC hero Robert Goulet passed away yesterday morning. The second half of this post is going to be an epic tribute to the man, the myth and the legend.

First up though is the trailer for Beetlejuice:

Beetlejuice drops the F-Bomb:

So Limbo is the set of Dune?:

Shake, Shake Senora!:


Ortho summons Adam and Barbara:

Beetlejuice gets unleashed:

We find out Beetlejuice’s credentials:

Visit the Waiting Room of Lost Souls:

The Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue at Universal Studios:

Here’s a whole episode of the cartoon series, Lydia and Beetlejuice build a demonic hot rod:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Micheal Keaton gives us the greatest cameo ever in Tenacious D: Time Fixers:

Celebrity Jeopardy with John Travolta, Burt Reynolds and Michael Keaton:

SNL Celebrity Jeopardy

The best of Adam West from Family Guy:

Finally it’s not Halloween without “Thriller”:

And now, A Tribute to Robert Goulet:

Goulet doing what he did best, singing his ass off:

Goulet ESPN Commercials:

When your energy was low, Robert Goulet came and messed with your stuff:

You know, I hope Robert Goulet laughed his ass off like we did when Will Ferrell brought his Goulet character, I bet he did:

“Red Ships of Spain”:

Conan interview:

I had a revelation last week, Robert Goulet was like the white Billy Dee Williams, watch the classic Colt .45 commercial and decide for yourself:

So there we go, Robert Goulet: Singer, Actor, Pimp, One of the coolest motherfuckers ever. We’re gonna miss you.

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