I like my clips live and in living color!

It’s that time of the week, time for some awesome bonus clips. This week we have ridiculous scenes, gaming, Chuck Norris and the greatest speech in cinema. Round 1, FIGHT!

The Mystical Trailer:

A musical tribute to Street Fighter:

Look everyone! It’s a game based on a movie based on game, man it’s like an infinite loop or something:

Van Damme owns Raul Julia on live television:

A huge nerd takes out the frustrations of his life on Street Fighter: The Movie:

Mentioned on the show: Conan brings back “DA LEVAH!” with some clips from The Octagon:

Jackie Chan gets in on the Street Fighter action:

Is Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat the greatest movie ever made? Watch this and Decide:

Mortal Kombat, a different kind of lovably cheesy:

The Speech to end all speeches:

Ryu and Ken try to scam Sagat, hilarity ensues:

The Angry Video Game Nerd brings us a quote of the week from Street Fighter:

Another opinion from another nerd:

Oh yeah, here’s a video from the actual game:

Van Damme doing Guile’s “Flash Kick”:

The horrible power ballad of Street Fighter:

Van Damme uses his Belgian super powers to fly 50 ft across a room and kick Bison in the chest!:

The super cheesy ending, and after credits bullshit:

Picks of the Week:

Brian- Super Mario Galaxy, according to Gamerankings.com it’s the greatest game ever and here’s Gametrailers.com’s great as always review:

Zach- Live Free or Die Hard Unrated:

Well that’s it for this week, come back tomorrow if you can break away from relatives for some extra special bonus clips.

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