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“Imagine a world where you can not just hear, but see the 20 greatest voices.”

Posted on December 12, 2007 by

Well, that world just happens to exist right here on the KICK ASS movie podcast as I bring you video evidence why these 20 men are on the list of greatest voices. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, bonus clips for The Running Man will be up tomorrow. Anyway onto the list.

20. William Daniels- Here we see highlights from the classic Knight Rider episode where KITT faced off against the evil KARR.

19. J.K. Simmons- This what happens when J Jonah Jameson gets bored at work.

18. Vin Diesel- Like him or hate him, the man can sure remember a story.

17. Samuel L. Jackson- Sammy J shows us why he’s best in the business, of getting eaten by things.

16. Anthony Hopkins- Best Cameo Ever

15. Keith David- I’m hitting myself for forgetting that Keith David was involved in one of the greatest fights in cinema, the battle for the sunglasses against Rowdy Roddy Piper in “They Live”

14. Bill Duke- Intimidating even in animated form

13. Alec Baldwin- busting out the boston accent for “The Departed”

12. Kelsey Grammar- Raise your hand if you want to see Kelsey Grammar fall off a stage during a speech.

11. Patrick Warburton- Here we see Patrick lecture the M&Ms about cannibalism.

10. Frank Welker/Peter Cullen- The Transformers dynamic duo face off in their final battle.

Bonus: Dr. Claw!

9. Morgan Freeman- No one shills Listerine like Morgan Freeman.

8. Sean Connery- The “Bond, James Bond” Compilation

7. Don Pardo- “It’s Ms. Pac-Man! with musical guest Snoop Dogg!”

6. Patrick Stewart- On one of the best shows ever, “Extras”, Patrick Stewart tells Ricky Gervais about his screenplay.

5. Robert Goulet- He’s crooning angels in heaven.

The “why did we mention this?” video of the week, Speak the Hungarian Rapper:

4. Will Arnett- Here’s some of the best of G.O.B., really what else were you expecting.

3. James Earl Jones- Maybe it’s just me but James Earl Jones counting to ten on Sesame Street is pretty creepy.

2. Kiefer Sutherland- It’s not the holidays until you see Kiefer jump onto a Christmas tree.

1. Don LaFontaine- There is absolutely no room for arguement that Don is the greatest voice ever. Here’s his story.


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