“Who Loves You and Who Do You Love!?!?”

It’s time to get our Running Man on everybody. Can you dare handle the unbelievably awesome one-liners of Arnold or for that matter his Hawaiian shirt? Read on and find out.


Some of Arnold’s one-liners:

Arnold battles evil hockey goalie Sub-Zero:

Dynamo, the murderous, electric, opera singer:

Arnold faces off against Dynamo and his crazy dune buggy:

Arnold shows us his skills with the ladies:

The start of The Running Man game show:

Reaching a “UHF” level of bizarre TV show ideas, Climbing for Dollars:

The entire movie in 10 minutes:

Arnie vs Buzzsaw:

“That hit the spot.”:

Say, do like super cheesy power ballads? well, you’re in luck:

Picks of the Week

Zach: The Bourne Ultimatum

Brian: Superbad

Tune in next week for a holiday hullabaloo where we go free form for Home Alone 1 + 2, any thoughts, favorites scenes or whatever e-mail us, leave ’em at the myspace, or leave us a voicemail on Jangl. For information on where any of those things are click the “Contact” tab at the top of the page. Oh, lastly, become a fan of us on Facebook at The KAMPC Facebook Page

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