Who died and made you f***ing king of the zombies?

Cheerio everybody and welcome to the first bonus video post of 2008. We got zombies, slackers, cops, criminals and all the British accents you can handle. Let’s get this lorry moving with Shaun of the Dead.


The title sequence with the freaky and awesome song “The Blue Wrath” by I Monster:

The sequence from “Spaced” that inspired Shaun:

A bunch of great scenes from the movie:

One of the greatest musical sequences in cinema history:

Blooper Reel!!:

“It’s not hip-hop, It’s Electro”

And here’s what happens when you have to make a censored version of that scene:

Shaun and Ed find out there’s a girl in their garden:

And now let’s head up to Sandford for Hot Fuzz:

Stephen Merchant’s swan has escaped:

The two laziest detectives in film, Andy and Andy:

While taking a break in the supermarket, Nicholas Angel engages in a foot chase with the British Jimmy Fallon:

Man, these guys love their gore don’t they?:

Nicholas Angel returns to kick some ass, watch out old ladies!:

After getting back up from the rest of Sandford’s finest, Angel takes on the fortress that is Somerfield Supermarket:

Simon Pegg takes on 007 in the final battle of Hot Fuzz:

One of the main targets of parody, Michael Bay in general, Bad Boys II in particular:

Also Point Break:

Speaking of the parodied movies, Dawn of the Dead is one of the main ones for Shaun:

Picks of the Week:


Sir Ian Mckellen explains acting:

Patrick Stewart reveals his screenplay:

Andy gets burned by David Bowie:

Andy’s horrible sitcom, “When the Whistle Blows”:

Barry from Eastenders and Darren make an aerobics video:

No Country for Old Men:

Don’t want to spoil much but just go see it.

Next week we travel to the future with Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. Yup, it’s Demolition Man. See you then.

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