Admit One 9/19 PLUS Trailer Park

Hey everybody, TGIF right?  Because it’s Friday it’s time for Admit One, where we let you know what’s coming out in theaters this week and we also have some awesome new trailers to check out.  Here’s what’s out this week:

Trailer Park

Quantum of Solace

Zach: Wow, this is easily my most anticipated movie of the fall/winter.  I loved Casino Royale and this looks like it’s gonna kick it up 10 notches.  So MI6 has captured the mysterious Mr. White who says that he is only a small part of a larger organization.  Bond is pissed about death of Vesper Lynd and looks like he’s going rogue, Jack Bauer style.  I’m there opening weekend.

Brian: I was pretty stoked after the first trailer, but this second one seems to confirm it’s awesomeness. Daniel Craig was phenomenal in “Casino Royale” and looks to continue to be great in QoS. I’ll be there opening weekend as well.


Zach:  Last year we had the great 3:10 to Yuma and this year we have Appaloosa.  It’s directed by and starring Ed Harris and co-stars Viggo Mortensen, Renne Zelleweger and Jeremy Irons.  Basically Jeremy Irons’ desperado has taken over the little town of Appaloosa and Harris and Mortensen are the only ones who can clean up the town.  The trailer is bad ass but the mark for bad ass westerns is set pretty high with Tombstone.  It’s actually out this week in limited release but no where near us so we’ll have to wait for the wider release.

Brian: Ed Harris being Ed Harris… that is, being badass. There hasn’t been a really good Western in a while (3:10 to Yuma being an exception) and this looks like an amped-up Tombstone. No Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday though. Oh well, I’ll take Viggo and Harris taking out the trash.

The International

Zach:  Man, where has Clive Owen been hiding?  The last we saw of him was, I think, the Extras Christmas Special.  We’re big fans of his from Children of Men, Shoot ‘Em Up, The Bourne Identity, etc.  I hadn’t actually heard of this movie till this week but it looks good.  It’s looks pretty Bond or Bourneesque as Clive has to try to take down the International Bank which besides from loans and the like is also selling weapons, murdering people, etc.  Naomi Watts is also in it and she’s usually good so overall I think this could be an awesome movie.

Brian: Clive Owen is back! Okay, the premise of an “evil bank” is kinda funny but they could pull it off. Gotta love the angle of Owen as a cop not following the rules. This one looks like a renter but it could be a surprise.

Body of Lies

Zach:  What can you say about Ridley Scott?  The man is a legend having directed Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, and last year’s awesome American Gangster.  This year he teams up for like the 100th time with Russell Crowe with Body of Lies.  Crowe is a boss in the CIA who is heading up missions in Jordan while Leonardo DiCaprio is his man on the ground.  They are trying to track down a high profile terrorist but Crowe might have his hand in other cookie jars.  It looks great and I trust Ridley Scott since he only has like one major misstep (*cough* A Good Year *cough*).

Brian: Hello, most vague trailer in the world! I know, it’s some mission gone wrong and Leo is being double-crossed by Russell Crowe’s character. It does a great job of getting the tense action in, but doesn’t really say much about the movie. I’ll wait and see.

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