New Release Round-Up 4/6


Pretty darn good week this week as there’s a crapload of new Blu Rays and the new and improved DS or DSi as it’s calling itself now.


The Day the Earth Stood Still


Bedtime Stories

The Tale of Despereaux

Yes Man

2010: The Year We Make Contact (Blu Ray)

Tango and Cash (Blu Ray)

American History X (Blu Ray)

Collateral Damage (Blu Ray)

Above the Law (Blu Ray)

Final Destination (Blu Ray)

The Wedding Singer (Blu Ray)

No Country for Old Men Collector’s Edition

Video Games

Rhythm Heaven

The Godfather II

Ninja Blade

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

Pick of the Week: DSi

The newest update to Nintendo’s DS is here. The new DSi features two cameras, one facing out and one facing in. It also eliminates the GBA slot, makes the whole thing thinner and has a new online store that you can use to purchase games, applications and surf the web. If you haven’t gotten one yet it might be time to jump in.

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