Watch out for the Heat around the corner

There’s a lot of classic scenes for Heat and thankfully a bunch of them are on YouTube for our viewing pleasure.


The armored truck robbery:

Al Pacino shows us a perfect example of his Yelling acting technique:

Do not piss off De Niro:

De Niro shows what a crafty devil he is:

Easily one of the greatest shootouts in movie history:

Pacino chases down De Niro on the streets of LA:

The classic diner scene:

Nate calls McCauley and tells him where Waingro is.  McCauley must decide whether to finish it or escape:

Again, don’t piss off De Niro:

The classic final sequence as De Niro and Pacino have a gun fight at LAX:

BECAUSE WE MENTIONED IT: Macho Man gets saved by Hulk Hogan and the Mega Powers are formed:

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