Facebook: The Movie

accidentalbillionairesAccording to /Film and a number of other sources a movie based on the founding of the website Facebook is moving ahead and it seems to be becoming a Voltron of talent.  The script for the movie, called “The Social Network”, was written by Aaron Sorkin of West Wing fame.  In talks to direct it is David Fincher, who of course directed Fight Club as well as Zodiac and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Finally the movie is apparently an adaptation of the the Ben Mezrich book “The Accidental Millionaires” which comes out next week.  Mezrich wrote the hit book “Bringing Down the House” about the MIT math team that scammed Las Vegas casinos and inspired the movie 21.  The story itself sounds pretty interesting as Mark Zuckerberg originally hacked into Harvard’s computer system and got pictures of all the female students and then putting them into a “hot or not?” website, almost got kicked out of school and then started the idea for Facebook with his roommate.  I’m reminded of a favorite movie of ours here at EA, Pirates of Silicon Valley, about the rise of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.  What do you think about a Facebook movie?

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