Battle at the Box Office 6/1

Sex and the City 2’s supposed pre-sale prowess proved false at the box office this weekend.  The movie barely beat it’s competitor Prince of Persia but failed to beat last week’s and now this week’s #1, Shrek Forever After.  Shrek made $43.3 million against SATC2’s $31 and Prince of Persia’s little over $30.  Considering the budget of both of those it’s pretty disappointing for the studios.  Iron Man 2 lost a bunch of theaters and dropped down to fourth place with $16.5 million.  The only other thing of interest is that MacGruber continued it’s spectacular flameout at the box office.  It came in ninth with only $1.5 million and getting defeated by Date Night in it’s eighth week.  Four movies are coming out this weekend but none seem particularly strong.

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