Everything Actioncast Ep. 14 “Witches and Wizards”

It’s another Zach and Chris episode with talk of Predators, Sniper, Mark Wahlberg, Werewolves, movie news and our favorite magic users.

  • Show and Tell: Both of the guys saw Predators and give their take on it and Zach also watched one his favorite “2 pm on Saturday” movies, Sniper, and the recent remake of The Wolfman.
  • News: A new Pee Wee Herman movie on the way, Machete and The Social Network trailers, X-Men First Class casting and Men in Black III details and the New Release Round Up.
  • Magic!: With The Sorcerer’s Apprentice coming out this weekend the boys get inspired to talk about some of their favorite wizards, sorecerers and witches including Gandalf, Dumbledore, Dr. Strange, Sabrina and Teen Witch.

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