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The Mechanic

Starring: Jason Statham, Ben Foster, Tony Goldwyn, Donald Sutherland

Directed by: Simon West

Plot: A veteran hitman takes a young protege under his wing and the pair strikes against the organization that killed their friend and father, respectively.

Rotten Tomatoes Freshness: 49%

Critic Consensus: “Jason Statham and Ben Foster turn in enjoyable performances, but this superficial remake betrays them with mind-numbing violence and action thriller cliches.”

The Rite

Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Colin O’Donoghue, Alice Braga, Ciaran Hinds

Directed by: Mikael Hafstrom

Plot: A young, skeptical priest studying exorcism at the Vatican is sent to apprentice with an unorthodox priest, who has performed thousands of exorcisms.

RT Freshness: 14%

Critic Consensus: “Anthony Hopkins is as excellent as ever, but he’s no match for The Rite’s dawdling pace and lack of chills — or Colin O’Donoghue’s tentative performance in the leading role.”

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