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Trailer Park: Comic Con and More!

By Zach

So Comic Con has come and gone and while there’s footage that most of us won’t see until the actual movies/tv shows actually hit there were some trailers that we have to talk about.

Tron Legacy

Zach: Let me just change my pants here…ok.  What else can you really say other than this looks awesome.  The original Tron was the first movie to really feature CG and this one looks like it’s going to try to kick it up to the next level.  From seeing some of the concept art it looks like they’re going to be updating Jai Alai and Disc as well as the light bikes in the trailer.  I think this and possibly Avatar in 3D are going to explode people’s brains out the back of their skulls.

Brian: I was expecting a jump in the CGI, but… wow. That is just jaw-dropping. Got to love the light bikes, too. It’s impossible to do a movie like this and NOT have in 3D. I’ll be waiting with ticket in hand when this sequel comes out.

Alice in Wonderland

Zach:  If you thought the promo photos were freaky, wait till you see Johnny Depp in action as the Mad Hatter.  Seeing this trailer, it’s pretty obvious that Tim Burton is the perfect choice for directing a Wonderland movie, it was already kind of freaky but Burton takes it to the next level.  It’s got a great look and I can’t wait to see Burton’s take on all the Wonderland natives.

Brian: Tim Burton is known for his creepy-but-cool movies, and picking him to do an update of “Alice in Wonderland” was a perfect choice. Especially after watching the trailer. Burton also deserves credit for going with a little known actress in the title role rather than some popular Hollywood bimbo who could’ve turned it into a star vehicle. Another impressive looking trailer.

Ninja Assassin

Zach:  Never heard about this one till the trailer came out last week at Comic Con and online but we have Korean pop star Rain starring in Ninja Assassin.  It looks like your typical martial arts/action movie with fights in a building on fire, in the rain, ninjas, that sort of thing.  I also don’t know about Rain’s acting ability, if there is such a thing.  Seems like a DVD rental/catch it on USA sort of thing.

Brian: I enjoy ninja flicks as much as the next person, but lately just all seem to be about betrayal and other similar targets. Meh. This trailer doesn’t really excite me, especially with its corny cliche dialogue (“They won’t stop until you’re dead.”) I agree with Zach here, a rental or late night viewing at best.

Hot Tub Time Machine

Zach: Apparently someone high up enjoyed our buddy Mike Parker’s CollegeHumor show “Clock Suckers” because this movie is kind of the exact same thing.  Well, instead of a bath tub it’s a hot tub.  This seems like it could be good though; it’s got a great cast with John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Clark Duke and Craig Robinson as the gang who travels via hot tub to 1986.  I loved Craig Robinson’s cocaine fueled freak out about Terminator and there’s probably some jokes still to mine about 80’s pop culture.

Brian: Ah, a goofy comedy. Don’t know how I feel about this one, seems like a movie Jack Black turned down. But Craig Robinson is hilarious, and so is Rob Corddry. But the real dark horse here is John Cusack whose involvement is interesting to say the least. Might be a fun movie, who knows.

Jennifer’s Body

Zach:  So here’s the dilemna with this movie, on the one hand you have Megan Fox, half naked and a cheerleader and on the other hand it’s written by Diablo Cody, who let Juno out onto the world and caused me to almost foam at the mouth by how pissed off it made me.  It seems like they want a sort of Evil Dead meets Species thing going on but I’m dubious because besides Sam Raimi, there aren’t a lot of people who can pull off horror/comedy sucessfully.  We’ll have to see how it fares when it comes out later this year.

Brian: The trailer’s been removed. Also, this movie is written by Diablo Cody and starring Megan Fox. Don’t even need to watch it. PASS.

Sherlock Holmes

Zach:  After Iron Man, I’m pretty much down for whatever Robert Downey Jr. is doing and Sherlock Holmes looks like it could be a lot of fun.  Guy Ritchie has been sort of lackluster lately, I’ve heard, but it looks like there’s some cool stuff going on including the boxing with “Fight Night” like slo mo and Holmes’ patented cane fighting  and it’s got a sense of humor as well.  I might have to check it out when it comes out.

Brian: Ritchie said in an interview how he culled a bit about Holmes being a little proficient in karate. The trailer is pretty fun and funny even though I’m not too keen on Rachel McAdams being the female lead. I have faith that even if the movie’s a little bit sucky, Downey Jr. will find a way to pull it out. I’ll be watching.

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