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Everything Actioncast Ep. 4

By Zach

This week the trio of Zach, Brian and Chris talk about the upcoming Summer Blockbuster season with such big movies as Iron Man 2, The Expendables, The A-Team and Toy Story 3 coming out.  They also talk about what they’ve seen (including what Chris subjects us to when we get together IRL) and movie news.

  • Show and Tell: Brian checked out Sherlock Holmes and Bad Lieutenant and he and Chris saw The Losers.  We all saw two horrible movies during my weekend trip to VT, Gamebox 1.0 and The Entity.
  • News: Anchorman 2 and Zoolander 2 passed on by Paramount (and we debate the merits of sequels), WB developing a kick ass take on Da Vinci,  Commando is getting remade and we see what New Releases there are.
  • Summer Blockbuster Preview: The guys rate how excited they are for everything coming out in the next four months.

It’s almost two hours of our wonderful ramblings, so grab a seat and get comfy.  If you like what you hear (or don’t) please leave us some feedback or send in a comment.  Our e-mail is contact@everythingaction.com and you can also find us on Twitter @evaction or on Facebook.  To not miss an episode, definitely subscribe to the podcast in the iTunes music store.

3 thoughts on “Everything Actioncast Ep. 4

  1. [Before I begin, I want to stress that the following is sincerely intended as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I would not waste my time simply being a bitch-ass-troll.]

    While it could be that I’ve simply misunderstood this website’s appellation as a vestige for an Action Movie/TV fansite (a mistake stemming from the penchant for the main page’s Action centric stories, the inclusion of my own website (for which I’m grateful) in your ‘Blogroll’, and not to mention the site’s name including only two words: everything and action), I can’t help but notice the shocking lack of Action Movie related material contained within your ACTIONcasts.

    In a comment I submitted on your first outing, I brought up the fact that the first movie discussed was ‘Where The Wild Things Are’. Now while the original intent of that post was a sarcastic, quasi-serious jab at the similarities to my own podcast (an action movie centric cast started coincidentally(“?”) a couple weeks before yours… you know the one), I soon realized that it couldn’t be a clone as the content was so far removed. Which actually DID make me upset.

    My main point being: Why all the talk about everythingBUTaction? You guys have actually discussed Alice In Wonderland, Anchorman and the A Nightmare On Elm Street series (just to mention a few). AT LENGTH. Which is all fine and dandy, EXCEPT for the fact that you call your recorded discussion: Actioncast. You see my point? False Advertisement.

    To risk stating the obvious: I’m a fan of ACTION. So when I go to an ACTION fansite and listen to the ACTION labeled podcast, I feel cheated when there is so much talk about, and pardon my language here, Pussy. Ass. Shit.

    Simply put, I’m a man and when I click on something called ActionCast, I want to hear other men (or god willing, women) talking about manly shit. I could care less about kids movies and chick flicks– that crap is for chicks and kids… What type of demographic are you shooting for?

    Now to be fair, you aren’t charging a dime and you outline the content featured within, so I get what I didn’t pay for. AND maybe I’m just an asshole for misinterpreting your guy’s usage of the term ‘action’. You see, I see that word and I think: Bad-Ass Cinema. Where your website’s usage may be intended as a more broad sense, as in the process of being active. For which I could certainly not fault you. Anyways, after several weeks of unspoken feelings of brotherly machismo betrayal, I had to respond.

    +10 Ballsy Points if you post this comment
    +05 more is you do so without editing it.

  2. Before I delve into this misguided comment, let me say that this is a rare occasion where we (as a site) will accept/reply to comments like this. I’ll get into it later, but I don’t really consider a comment like this to be “constructive” criticism. I’ll explain later but let me get to the other points.

    1. Yes, this site is called Everything Action, but it’s NOT called Nothing But Action. We will discuss other genres of movies, especially those that can even vaguely be classified as action. Zach and I have had lengthy discussions about this and what constitutes as an “action” movie. While we love the old smash-em-bash-em Arnold/Chuck/Seagal movies, this is NOT going to be the only type of movie we will cover. Also, by expanding our horizons just a little bit we open ourselves up to more readers. We won’t bombard the site with talk of just horror or just kids movies but will mention them time to time. (Also, “Wild Things” was talked about for 2 minutes only once… are you really that hung up on it?)

    2. This is only the FOURTH episode of the podcast. If you think about it, the fourth episode of anything isn’t usually very good. We are still working out kinks and segments. The summer movie preview should’ve been trimmed or broken up. We realize this now. The podcast is ever evolving and will assume different shapes until we nail it in our minds.

    3. Did you even HEAR what were the main topics discussed this week? “Sherlock Holmes”, “The Losers”, “Commando” remake, Da Vinci ACTION movie, “Iron Man 2″… these are all ACTION movies that were discussed at LENGTH. Yes, there was some “Anchorman” talk but that spun off into discussion about the merits of sequels.. something that effects action movies as well. I would say the discussion of action/non-action movies on the podcast and site is about 60/40 meaning that it is still our main and primary focus.

    4. While we appreciate criticism of the constructive variety, we won’t accept blatant attacks on our content. I’m speaking specifically of the “pussy ass shit” comment you dropped. And yes, while you are on our Blogroll, it is only because we like and enjoy your site. It does not constitute as a partnership. (In fact, I specifically remember you emailing about sharing articles, which I accepted but never heard back, hm…) And while you are free to CONSTRUCTIVELY criticize our site/podcast, you are not given a free pass. Just a heads up in case you decide to bitch in the future.

    As you will see, your comment was accepted and unedited, if not only for my rebuttal but for the fact that people will clearly see how misguided you are. I won’t be continuing this conversation though, I’ve said all I think needs to be said. Good day, sir.

  3. Even though I fully understand that you have no intention of replying, I still feel the need to reply–at least this once.

    1. OK, so you’re looking to appeal to a wide array of movie fans. I can understand that.

    2. Whoa Whoa WHOA! I did NOT say, nor intend to imply, that your cast wasn’t any good. My issue was simply with a recurring tendency to slip into discussion on kids films and non-action comedy. You guys have already made a huge improvement since the first episode, and I realize now that I should have stated as such in my previous post. For that, I am sorry. And I thought the length was fine.

    3. Yes, I would agree with you about the 60/40, it was just simply my opinion that the 40% take a hike. Again, this is just MY opinion.

    4. Here is where I believe we really got off on the wrong foot. In NO WAY did I mean “Pussy. Ass. Shit.” as an attack on you, or your commentary. I meant that as an attack on the movies discussed. I did not intend that to come off as name-calling. Once again, I am sorry if it came off that way. My feelings are actually quite the contrary, I like you guys and the site. I was simply badmouthing the movies themselves and the inclusion of them in something titled Actioncast. Which you already explained in #1.

    It’s rare that I bother to bitch (at least to other critics). Probably won’t happen in the future. As for the sharing of articles, I honestly don’t remember receiving an email from you… it’s possible it was received by my friend and never brought to my attention. Which sucks, I wish I had known.

    Anyways, I hope that straightens out my ‘attack’. Sure I may still be a dick, but hopefully not a malicious one in your guy’s eyes. Thanks for taking the time to respond. ~RANT

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