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Battle at the Box Office 6/21

People apparently still love Woody, Buzz and the gang as Toy Story 3 decimated everything else at the box office, making $110.3 million, the highest ever opening for Pixar and the second highest animated film opening of all time.  Far in second was last week’s winner, The Karate Kid, which made another $29.8 million.  The A-Team moved down a spot to third with $14.4 million and Get Him to The Greek stayed in fourth.  Dreamworks continues to get bullied by Pixar as Shrek fell to fifth making only a little over $5.6 million.  Based on terrible reviews and the public not knowing who the fuck he is, Jonah Hex bombed, opening in seventh place with $5.3 million and just barely beating Killers in it’s third week.  Toy Story 3 should have no problem holding onto the top spot this weekend as the competition is fairly weak (Grown Ups & Knight and Day)

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