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Everything Actioncast Ep. 22 “Fall Movie Preview”

This week the full crew of Zach, Brian, Chris and Joe are on and despite Chris’ distracting foley work they manage to talk about Machete, Scott Pilgrim, how a twins plot kills action careers, hobos with shotguns and what movies they’re excited about in September and October.

  • Show and Tell: Brian and Chris talk about Scott Pilgrim and Machete, Joe caught up with Sons of Anarchy and also watched    and, Zach watched North by Northwest, End of Days and Doomsday.
  • News: The Hobo with A Shotgun Trailer, Unbreakable 2 part of “The Night Chronicles, Harvey Keitel on The Office and tons of New Releases.
  • Fall Movie Preview: The guys rate how excited they are for such upcoming releases as The Social Network, Red, Jackass 3D, Saw 3D and more.

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