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Everything Actioncast Ep. 26 “Anthology of Horror”

This week there’s almost too much to list as Zach, Chris and Joe kick off Horror Month on the Everything Actioncast with their favorite Anthology shows and tons of other topics.

  • Show and Tell: Chris checked out the horrible Asylum knock off of Pararnormal Activity (Paranormal Entity) and also the original Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Joe watched the Clint Eastwood action/comedy classic Every Which Way but Loose and also Extract and Zach watched the first two episodes of No Ordinary Family, Superman/Batman: Apocalpyse, the Avengers microsodes, Prince of Persia and The Social Network.
  • News: The trailers for Skyline, I Am Number Four and True Grit, Zack Snyder directing Superman, Star Wars getting converted into 3D and the biggest New Release Round Up of the year.
  • Special Feature- Anthology Shows: One of our favorite sources for horror stories is the various Anthology shows that have been on over the years.  We talk about all of our favorites like The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, The Outer Limits, Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark and, of course, Masters of Horror.

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