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The 5th Annual Kick Ass Awards

It’s the end of another year and that of course means that’s it time for our annual Kick Ass Awards, celebrating the best, brightest and most ridiculous that the world of cinema had to offer this year.

Best Soundtrack: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Best Score: Tron: Legacy

Best Cameo: Bruce Willis/Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Expendables

Best New TV Show: The Walking Dead

MIA Award: The Red Dawn Remake

Best Exaggeration of Real Life Events: Unstoppable

Best Titular Line: Faster


“Is he as fast as you?” “He’s FASTER”


Best Use of 3D: Jackass 3D

Most Realistic Use of Computers: The Social Network

Wicked Awesome (aka Best Boston Accents Award) Award: The Town

Mind Fuck of the Year: Inception

Best Erasing of Past Movies: Predators pretending Predators 2 never happened

Most Horrifying Moment: The Toy Story gang almost burning in an incinerator

Best Commercial for China: The Karate Kid

Best Team of Covert Operatives/Mercenaries: The Expendables

Just Getting to the Good Part Award: Robin Hood

Best Comic Book Movie: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Biggest Plot Holes: Clash of the Titans

Warmed Our Cold Hearts Award: Toy Story 3

Best Time Travel Device: Hot Tub Time Machine

The “That’s Enough Tim Burton” Award: Alice in Wonderland

Best Buddy Cops: The Other Guys

M. Night Shymalan  “What a Twist!” Award: Shutter Island

Road to Recovery Award: Nicolas Cage

Good Timing Award: Edge of Darkness, coming out a few months before Mel’s implosion

Steven Seagal Direct to DVD Award: The Killing Machine

Lincoln Hawks Memorial Over the Top Award: The A-Team

Ass Kicker of the Year: The Expendables

Movie of the Year: The Expendables

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