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Everything Action Commentary: Gymkata

By Zach

Here’s the first of what are hopefully going to be many Everything Action movie commentaries.  For the inaugural commentary, Zach, Chris and Joe watched the 1985 cult classic, Gymkata, starring gymnastic superstar, Kurt Thomas as Jonathan Cabot, who is recruited by the Secret Intelligence Agency to enter the country of Parmistan and attempt to win “The Game”, a brutal obstacle course where the winner gets anything they wish (the United States wants to build a Star Wars satellite station in the country).   It features the completely ridiculous martial art of Gymkata, which combines “the timing of gymnastics and the power of karate” and is almost completely reliant on there being gymnastic apparatus in the general vicinity of the fight.  The guys comment on that as well as flag ninjas, whether the leader of Parmistan looks like Mel Brooks or Charles Bronson, Thorg and much more.  Download the commentary below and sync it up to a copy of Gymkata and let The Game begin.  (Also, please let us know if there’s any sync issues or any suggestions to make our next commentary even better).


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