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Tenacious D “To Be The Best”

It’s been 6, yes 6, years since we heard from “the greatest band in the world”, Tenacious D as they attained the legendary Pick of Destiny and defeated Satan.  Unfortunately, the band’s cinematic debut was kind of a flop and, according to this new viral video for their upcoming album, KG went insane and was committed to a mental institution while Jables turned into pretentious asshole “Hollywood Jack”.  Seeing an Extra report, Kage escapes and confronts Jack at his palatial mansion, where Val Kilmer stops Kage’s attempted assassination of Jack, and in doing so, reunites The D and they head back to record an album.  Unfortunately they’ve forgotten how to play and an 80’s montage is needed to for the guys to train and get coached by Dave Grohl and Josh Groban.  Check out the video below and Rize of the Fenix is coming in May.

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