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Everything Action Commentary: Hard Target

By Zach

The Everything Actioncast crew is back to guide you through yet another movie, this time the 1993 Van Damme classic, Hard Target.  The American debut of action legend, John Woo, Hard Target finds JCVD as Chance Boudreaux, a down on his luck merchant sailor in New Orleans who takes a job escorting newly arrived Natasha Binder, who is looking for her father.  Thing quickly get out of hand as the pair run afoul of business partners/life partners Fouchon and Pik Van Cleef, who run a business selling human hunting opportunities to rich businessmen.  Join us as we watch the movie and marvel at the magnificence of JCVD’s mullet, crazy John Woo action, explosive Mardi Gras floats and hobo hunting.


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