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Airborne Trailer

Not a remake of the Steve Guttenberg/Sean Bean action epic, Airborne is actually a horror/thriller coming out later this year.  Starring Mark Hamill as a, implied by the final shot of the trailer, potentially malevolent air traffic controller who sends out one final plane before a snow storm shuts down the airport.  The passengers of that plane soon find that the pilots have been murdered and that some of them are turning into bloodthirsty psychopaths.  A small group of survivors has to figure out what is going on and how to land the plane.  I’m not really sure if it looks good or not because I was totally distracted by blatant use of Inception’s “Mind Heist” music but Mark Hamill is in it, so that piques my interest.  It’s coming out September 14th on VOD and October 16th on DVD and you can check out the trailer below.

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